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 Game Set up for November 2

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PostSubject: Game Set up for November 2   Fri Nov 01, 2013 12:47 am

The game will begin in the Pittsburg Community. I've managed to tie everyone to either Madam Thelma, or to the Wilde and Krace clans. Glen, you and Sarah probably know the Wildes, but have met Jodi, Anna, and Tony's characters.

The Wildes help supply J-Rock with meat. Occasionally, when they've had a good haul, they'll share a bounty of deer and help with preparing it for one of the community's block parties. It helps build up demand for J-Rock, which helps keep the Wilde and Krace clans in business. That happened two days ago. It's taken two days for all the revelry to die down. Buck and Joker have to return the truck to their family, and have offered to let some of their friends come spend the a few days with them. Sure it's the boonies, but time at the Wilde and Krace homestead is always interesting, and maybe Mr. Dathan has some work he needs done. And Mischief wants to visit Plum Krace - she hasn't seen her ork friend in weeks!

Ton Deff, Rose, and Mischief all got asked by "Aunt Thelma" to deliver something to Mr. Dathan for her. It's locked in a box, and that's pretty much all they know about it. Both Ton and Mischief noted a ward on it, and decided any curiosity they had was best shelved. So it is that the group is all piling into the Wilde Family truck and getting ready to go. It still has plenty of fuel (the Wilde's make their own bio-diesel), so all you need is some stuffers for the road! Burry-Toes, Slushies, some of that cappy-chino yumminess (even if it is soy), and other things are on the menu. So it is that you all enter the Stuffer Shack to shop.....

Bum Bum Bum BUMMM!
Anyway, characters so far:

Mischief, Troll Mystic Adept (Anna) - she's got a problem with indulging in things. She's a hedonist who happens to be good at getting into places she shouldn't. She's short for a troll, which is to say taller than you.

Yellow Rose, Human Brawler Adept (Jodi) - she has a heart of gold, the soul of a knight errant, and a problem with technology. She loves Parkour (Freerunning) and music, in no particular order. She can't stand Corporate crap though. only real live underground music!

Ton Deff, Ork Combat Magician (not sure of Mage or Shaman at this point) (Tony) - a small time underground performer who happens to be able to lay waste to some fools, while delivering fat rhymes!

Deacon (name subject to change), Elf Cybered Physical and Social Adept (Jeff) - Parkour loving, God-Fearing, smooth talking, butt kicking former Doc Wagon Negotiatior. He's rarely seen far from his best friends Buck and Joker.

Buck Wilde - Human Cybered Redneck Street Samurai (Steven) - nuff said. Note to Steven and Tom - make sure one of you can drive please. Jeff can drive if not, but don't disgrace your family by not being able to drive.

Joker Wilde - Dwarf Cybered Street Sammy (Tom) - Former CAS Marine. Probably did time on the border with Aztlan, or perhaps in the Gulf of Mexico (Not Aztlan!)

Name Unknown - Rigger/Hacker (Glen) - He's a one man biker gang. yes, his drones are bikes, why do you ask?

Name Unknown - Physical and Social Adept/Face (Sarah)

Eve - Human Weapons Specialist (Olivia if she makes it) - Formerly in a relationship with Lenny Wilde. He went kinda nuts and almost blew the Wilde homestead sky high. (Jeff) stopped that. Despite the end of her relationship with Lenny, she has been adopted by the Wilde clan women and she and Lenny have reconciled as friends. Anytime either of them thinks about romance, however, one of Lenny's sisters will thump the offender on the back of the head and remind them both of the barn. That usually stops that. Eve also served time in Amazonia, and doesn't like thinking about it. She's German, but it ain't all bad. She knows good beer. The Krace's make good beer - thick and served warm like good beer should be. Did I mention she's hyper-well-armed with 9 weapon entries, including grenades? Only thing she's missing is heavy weapons. She's also one of the few runners with her own vehicle.

Spike - Technomancer (Me) - not currently made, but he's Ton's little brother who he "adopted" after Ton hit the streets. He sees himself as a kind of shaman or mage of the matrix (whichever Ton ends up being). He's kinda scary what he can do. He will hack your comms from time to time. No really, it will happen.

"Be strong and do as you will. The swords of others will set you your limits." (Marauders of Gor, p.10)

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Game Set up for November 2
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