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 Thaili Gaelern

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PostSubject: Thaili Gaelern   Fri Sep 17, 2010 9:41 pm

(Redone for my Eladrin game)

Born to the noble eladrin house of Gaelern, Thaili was destined to become a knight, and eventually ruler of her land. Her family’s realm came into the mortal realms every second night, and stayed until moonset. She learned as many fey do, of the eladrin history of the war of the faerie: the war between the eladrin (of both courts) and the drowussu (who would become the drowolath, or Dark Elves), and the war of the gods themselves, including once holy Lothussa, lady of starry nights and intrigue, now Lloth, goddess of spiders and poison, as she poisoned her followers, the drow and even other gods. Corellon led the remaining gods and the Fey Lords of the Eladrin into battle against the drow, driving them from the feywild, and into the depths of the mortal world. She swore fealty and service to Corellon, hoping to be an instrument for him.

In the year of her coming of age, a terrible event that still haunts her came to be. A wizard of some skill had years before come to her father’s court to learn the secrets of magic. The wizard was a bastard son of a drowolath and one of the woodland elves. Her father was an accomplished wizard, and a powerful fey lord, so this not uncommon. Her father had deemed the wizard unworthy of any such gift, and had sent him packing – warning him never to return. He had seen evil in the heart of the wizard, evil so bright as the good in his own. During the celebration of her coming of age, at moonrise, the wizard, now a summoner of some skill, struck. Waves of drow and demons, having been prepared far in advance, struck the eladrin citadel, and its defenders, though valiant, were overpowered. Her father ordered her to escape with a small contingent of advisors and wealth, so that she could bring allies to win back the castle and its realm.
She escaped, and got help, but no amount of help she gained could help her win the castle. The summoner had set himself up as a lich, and the ghost of her mother served him loyally, tormenting her still living father and the sage who had taught her so much. When she had last seen the realm, drow, demons, and twisted mockeries roamed its lands. She managed to free her father, and nearly destroy her mother’s ghost with her fledgling holy power. Her father, in a final act of heroism, mostly severed the connection between the realm and the woods near the human city. Now only on nights of a lunar eclipse does the dread realm come to haunt the surrounding countryside.
Free of the city, Thaili set her path to learning how to overcome the demons and drow within her realm, so she could reclaim it. She found her way to the House of Flowers and found people who knew her pain, and helped her prepare for the day she would find vengeance.

Personality: Driven, Focused, Blunt, but at heart a good person that has been put through much hardship.

"Be strong and do as you will. The swords of others will set you your limits." (Marauders of Gor, p.10)

After the lights go out on you/After your worthless life is through/I will remember how you scream
I can't afford to care/I can't afford to care ("Lights Out" Breaking Benjamin)
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Thaili Gaelern
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