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 Cogsworth, Warforged Gunsmith

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PostSubject: Cogsworth, Warforged Gunsmith   Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:33 pm

Character Name: Cogsworth
Player Name: Tony

PDF Character Sheet

Age: 33
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 252 lbs
Eyes: Amber
Hair: None
Siblings: N/A
Parents: N/A

Disposition: Cogsworth is methodical, if a bit eccentric. He enjoys new experiences and can become animated at times.

Background Story:

"Your gears and cogs are worth more than mere warmongering."
-- Edsol d'Cannith's response when a young warforged asked him why it hadn't been sent off to war.

There were many experiments in the early years of crafting warforged. Before focusing on the armored war design, there were models created to test mobility, cognizance, and durability. During these testing periods, many of the early designs were pushed to the limit until they were rendered inert. Rather than scrap the bodies, some of these models were sent back through the creation forge time and again and re-crafted. After enduring multiple rounds of testing and being sent back through the creation forge, one of these old prototypes came back ... "different".

Edsol d'Cannith, one of the early designers working on these warforged noticed this particular unit speaking and mumbling to itself. He was intrigued by the anomaly and hid the event from his superiors, knowing they would most likely destroy it as defective. Edsol had the unit brought back to his workshop and studied him over the next several weeks. Eventually, the warforged seemed to come to some type of understanding with whatever voices haunted him. It had a cheery, if somewhat odd personality, and Edsol found he enjoyed having the warforged around. Edsol used his influence to remove the prototype from the rest of the trials and kept it around, using it as an assistant in his lab for many years.

Under Edsol's guidance, Cogsworth -- as the warfoged came to be known-- became a talented and competent assistant. He developed a broad base of knowledge: alchemy, metallurgy, and engineering, among others. While not unhappy with his circumstances, Cogsworth envied those who walked in the world outside the walls of his workshop-home. He read every issue of the Korranburg Chronicle that was ever published and eventually even started writing his own column. In the downtime hours when Edsol and his apprentices were off asleep, "Truman's Tonics" was born. The column, which documented some uncommon uses for herbs and plants commonly found around Breland, was well received.

In the decade before the end of the war, age and infirmity claimed Edsol. His former apprentice, Darcy, inherited the management of the workshop. She was an accomplished gnome artificer who had been working with House Cannith for years. Bound to the lab, Cogsworth transitioned to working with Darcy and their combined efforts produced some astounding results. They were one of the few workshops commissioned to develop a new non-magic kinetic projectile device for use in ranged warfare. Several of their designs for Fire Accelerated Repulsion Machines were the basis for early firearms.

The official close of the war in 996 brought about a dramatic change in status of warforged. No longer bound to contracts and ownership, they were free to follow their own desires and destinies. On the day the treaty of Thronehold was signed, Cogsworth departed from the only home he had known for thirty-odd years. The world outside those doors was shiny and new. It promised colors and wonders and fresh experiences that he couldn't find in test tubes and bubbling vials. There were dangers, too, but everything has its price. He resolved to experience the world and never be shut away from it again. His cogs were worth more than that.

Gear Carried: (Light: 58lbs, Medium: 116lbs, Heavy: 175lbs)*masterwork backpack*
Total Weight Carried: 107.167/175lbs, Medium Load
    Explorer's Outfit
    Modular Link Coat
    Warforged Attachment: Buckler Gun (Condition of gun only: broken)
      Weapon cord
      Hollow Musket Stock
        Signet ring
        Large Waterproof Vial
          Letter of Credit for 300gp
    wrist sheath, spring loaded
      Alchemist's Acid
    Wrist sheath, spring loaded
      Alchemist's fire
    Belt pouch
      Flint and steel
      18 GP, 7 SP, 7 CP
    Adventurer's sash
      Sunrod (5)
      Alchemical cartridge (flare) (5)
      Alchemical cartridge (paper) (20)
      Firearm bullet (10)
      Powder horn
        Black Powder
    Bandoleer #1
      Alchemist's Acid
      Alchemist's fire
      Noxious Smokestick (2)
      Paper candle firework (5)
      Tindertwig (5)
    Bandoleer #2 (utility)
      Alchemical Glue
      Alchemical solvent
      Marker dye
      Chalk (2)
      Charcoal stick (2)
      Fishhook (2)
      Sewing needle (2)
      Thread (50 ft.)
      Twine (50')
    Backpack, masterwork
      Alchemy crafting kit
      Warforged Repair Kit
      Gunsmith's kit
      Waterproof bag
        Chronicler's Kit (Kit and Carry Satchel)
          Ink, black (2)
          Inkpen (2)
          Journal (2)
          Glowing ink
          Candle (7)
          Scroll case (empty) (2)
          Paper (10)
          Rice paper (40)
          Powder (2)
          Sealing wax
          Measuring Cord (10 ft) (2)
        Identification Papers, Standard
        Traveling Papers
        Travelling formula book
      Weapon blanch (silver)
      Sack (empty) (2)

Magic Item Slots:
    Ring 1:
    Ring 2:
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PostSubject: Re: Cogsworth, Warforged Gunsmith   Sat Apr 06, 2013 4:32 am

Notable NPC Acquaintances:

Krisnys Riverking: A local moonspeaker druid. She has a talent for growing herbs and plants.

Dunwin Nelview: Cogsworth's landlord. Skeptical and skittish of warforged, but making attempts for his daughter's sake.

[Unnamed]: Nelview's daughter. She likes to mingle at parties and finds warforged art fascinating.

Jerrick Grell: A notary and Cogsworth's sometimes boss. This elderly gnome runs the Scrivener's shop located below Cogsworth's flat.
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Cogsworth, Warforged Gunsmith
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