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 Adriana d'Cannith, Scion of House Cannith, Magic-Item-Creation Historian

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PostSubject: Adriana d'Cannith, Scion of House Cannith, Magic-Item-Creation Historian   Wed Mar 13, 2013 9:35 pm

Character Name: Adriana d'Cannith
Player Name: Anna

Character Sheet

Age: 18
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 150
Eyes: Green-Grey
Hair: Red
Siblings: Deceased (on the Day of Mourning)
Parents: Deceased (on the Day of Mourning)

Disposition: Careful and discrete, Adriana is quite inquisitive, but always gets more information than she gives up. She prefers hands on research to reading about it, but any research is good research. She was marked from an early age, and as such expects a great deal of leniency and help from everyone around her. She is quite good at making her case, so she rarely gets a no.

Background Story:

    Dear Cousin,

    I am writing you to introduce Adriana d'Cannith, daughter of Roland d'Cannith and Marta d'Cannith, both of Cyre before their untimely deaths on the Day of Mourning. Roland was administrator of Foundry 987 near Whitehearth. Marta's father, Jonlav was one of Merrix I's apprentices during his groundbreaking work on warforged, and was one of Aaren's primary research fellows. Both were marked heirs of the house. Adriana was born with her dragonmark fully developed upon her skin, small at first, but growing as she did. It was not until she got to be age eight that she was able to channel it's power. Despite having access to biological nannies, Marta decided on warforged nannies for their loyalty. On two occasions Adriana actually repaired her nannies after they experienced damage. Her father suspects she talked them into harming themselves, but the warforged themselves denied this.

    By age nine she was making magical scrolls and transcribing archaic scripts. She was years ahead of her peers. By age 11 she had finally figured out how to make both acid and alchemist's fire. She was offered an apprenticeship under the tutelage of Merrix II, now leader of our Enclave and the true heir to the leadership of House Cannith. The apprenticeship was only offered for a year, and it was at the celebration that she received the news about the destruction of Cyre and the death of her parents and brothers. Considering the news, she took it well. Her mourning period was the better part of 3 months, but after that she poured herself into research and advancing the craft. She was granted a scholarship to Morgrave university and just recently graduated with a degree in History of Magic items. She is working on some sort of dissertation of the differences between magical item creation between modern Khorvaire techniques, and ancient goblinoid, dwarven and giant methodology.

    In addition to being a brilliant researcher, she is also quite experienced in dealing with others inside and outside the house, skills she had to have learned from her parents. She has close friends in Deneith and Kundarak, and is active in the social scene, but doesn't overdo it. In short she is a very well adjusted young woman who is a credit to her tutors, parents and herself. Her lineage is impressive, and her skills are even more so. She is a careful, but driven young woman. She would be a very worthy bride for your son, and definitely worth the time and effort to woo. I do warn you that she is quite independent and will initially reject the notion of marriage, but you and he would be a fool to let the first negative answer decide your path.

    Kulan d'Cannith, Maester of the fourth order, Guild of Fabricators

Other notes: (to be worked into prose at a later date)
She recently worked with a warforged gunsmith named Cogsworth. He's an odd sort, but very good at his job.
About two years ago you met Da'ren the painter at a party, and have been going to his events ever since. He always has great parties with good guests.
You hooked back up with Pasha and Izora recently too, and now the three of you are inseparable.

Gear Carried: (Light: 50lbs, Medium: 100lbs, Heavy: 150lbs)
Total Weight Carried (with backpack): 86.78/150 lbs, Medium Load
Total Weight Carried (without backpack): 36.78/150 lbs, light load
Artisan's outfit (Free) -
Arcane Signet Ring -
Buckler 5 lbs
Light crossbow 4 lbs
Crossbow bolts x10 0.1 lbs
Custom Armored Corset 20 lbs
Spiked gauntlet 1 lb
Hand Carved Walking Stick 3 lbs
Holy symbol, wooden (Onatar) -
Belt pouch (contains 10 items @ 2.28 lbs total) 0.5 lbs
    Charcoal stick x2 -
    Identification Papers, with Portrait -
    Inkpen x2
    Signal whistle -
    Sunrod 1 lb
    Journal 1 lb
    Traveling Papers -
    2 GP, 7 SP, 5 CP
Backpack (contains 45 items @ 48 lbs total) 2 lbs
    Acid x2 1 lb
    Bedroll 5 lbs
    Crossbow bolts x10 0.1 lbs
    Fishhook x2
    Flint and steel -
    Ink, black x2 -
    Ink, colored x3 -
    Invisible ink, simple -
    Mug/tankard 1 lb
    Noble's outfit 10 lbs
    Peasant's outfit 2 lbs
    Powder (for drying ink) x5 0.5 lbs
    Sewing needle
    Silk rope 5 lbs
    Sunrod x2 1 lb
    Thread (50 ft.) 0.5 lbs
    Trail rations x7 1 lb
    Traveler's outfit 5 lbs
    Waterskin 4 lbs
    Whetstone 1 lb

Magic Item Slots:
    Ring 1:
    Ring 2:

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Adriana d'Cannith, Scion of House Cannith, Magic-Item-Creation Historian
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