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 Izora d'Deneith, Dragonmarked scion of house Deneith

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Kenzia Lamwald
Kenzia Lamwald

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Izora d'Deneith, Dragonmarked scion of house Deneith   Tue Mar 12, 2013 2:01 pm

Character Name: Izora d'Deneith
Player Name: Olivia

PDF Character Sheet

Age: 18
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Black
Siblings: one sister, Runa
Parents: Kaede & Garidan, dead

Disposition: serial focus, but otherwise personable

Background Story:
Dear Cousin,

I am sending this as a way of introducing my niece. Her name is Izora, and she is a current member of the Defenders Guild here in Sharn. She served her time in the Blademarks with distinction even seeking to be assigned to Tsadok the half-orks’s command. As good as he is, I counseled against this and demanded a further year to compensate for allowing such an undesirable to teach a scion of the house. But, as she argued, his is the best and it worked to our benefit as she gives some of the most detailed reports in the enclave. She was member of the team that went to Xen’drik, and even Tsadok has had nothing but good to say of her.

She is young, only three years into her majority, but she holds great potential for our house.For that reason, I commanded Laila to take over her training in the Dervish Arts. Laila and Tasra also serve as her mentors as she seeks a place among the Sentinel Marshals. I would not have her achieve this too quickly. It might harm the fortunes of the family if she is to progress more quickly than she should. Do not leave her too much to her own devices. She has taken much from her teachers, but when she makes use of it I do not recognize where such thoughts were born. Her loyalty is first to her family and then her duty. Her mother, Kaede, taught her well. It was a sad day when she died protecting her client, but this is the way of a Deneith. I doubt Izora remembers much of Garidan the ascended. He died when she was not more than 5. But such a pure Deneith lineage is not wasted. She does bear the mark upon her shoulder.

Do not be afraid of overstepping in calling on her skills. Any use that elevates House Deneith is part of what she was trained for. Make use of her skills, but be mindful that I have many plans yet for her before I release her totally on the world.

Brothers in Arms,
Sadran Deneith

Gear Carried: (Light: 58lbs, Medium: 116lbs, Heavy: 175lbs)
Total Weight Carried: 53.36/175lbs, Light Load
Belt pouch (3 @ 0.36 lbs) 0.5 lbs
    Identification Papers, with Portrait
    Signal whistle -
    Traveling Papers -
Backpack (contains 22 items @ 44.5 lbs total) 2 lbs
    Acid 1 lb
    Alchemist's fire 1 lb
    Bedroll 5 lbs
    Belt pouch (contains 5 items @ 2 lbs total) 0.5 lbs
      Flint and steel -
      Sewing needle
      String or twine 0.5 lbs
      Thread (50 ft.) 0.5 lbs
      Whetstone 1 lb
    Clay Mug 1 lb
    Holy water 1 lb
    Lock, average 1 lb
    Lock, simple 1 lb
    Manacles (x2) 2 lbs
    Rope, 50 feet Hemp 10 lbs
    Tanglefoot bag 4 lbs
    Trail rations (x7) 1 lb
    Waterskin 4 lbs
Rapier 2 lbs
Handaxe 3 lbs
Dagger 1 lb
Traveller's outfit (Free) -

Magic Item Slots:
    Ring 1:
    Ring 2:

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Izora d'Deneith, Dragonmarked scion of house Deneith
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