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 Kali (Anna's Shadowrunner)

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Character sheet

PostSubject: Kali (Anna's Shadowrunner)   Fri Jan 08, 2010 5:46 pm

Name: Arianna Masina
Alias: Kali
Metatype: Ork (Samoan/Caucasian)

    Born in the mean streets of Oakland, also called Orkland by many of its Metahuman inhabitants, Kali found out early on that she had both an advantage and a horrible disadvantage over her rougher looking brethren. Aside from small tusks which barely came over her lower lips, she looked mostly human. Her Samoan father and Anglo mother, both humans, had raised a hot commodity on the flesh markets of the San Francisco Sprawl: an ork human enough looking that the Japanese soldiers and “adventurous” sariamen would pay top dollar for her. She had been born human, and had goblinized at the tender age of ten, right about the time her feminine figure began to blossom. Neither lived long enough to enjoy this, and Kali, as she later became known, knew better than to let her guard down after her first rape. Not that that scumbag lived long enough to enjoy it. He had fell victim to her rather accurately placed knife. When she got old enough, she traded a short lifetime of evading rape gangs of Japanese and castrating offenders into a mercenary posting. She didn’t care where it was, just that it wasn’t San Francisco. She was facing a choice of joining a gang or getting out of town. Already she had done a few weeks while a judge determined that her murder of a reputed troll ganger had been in self defense. She held no illusions that had he been human she would have been summarily killed.

    Her first mercenary posting took her to one of the few places that made San Francisco look tame and downright idyllic: Lagos. To call the place a festering pit of humanity would be to insult festering pits everywhere. But she did alright, even managed to get some major upgrades done. Her exotic looks were a cause of both good and ill things in bloody xenophobic Lagos. They got her in good with a bioware tech named Eric Jamison, who worked for her employer at the time. He got her in some trials for new bioware that got her in for relatively nothing. She had to transmit the biomonitor's data once a week. Between muscle toner and augmenter, orthoskin, and tailored pheremones, she was a test bed for new bioware that would become industry standards. Even the experimental status was mostly gone, as the testing cycyle was winding down. but between the pheremones and her own natural good looks, she had to deal with a new onslaught of "admirers" and rapists. This led to the reestablishment of her noteriety as a man hater and avenging angel. Men tend to fear you more when you've performed several impromtpu castrations without benefit of pain killers or sterile blades. It was here that an Indian mercenary magician likened her reputation and battle style to that of Kali-mah, the Hindu Goddes of Time and Change, specifically violent change. When she questioned why he was being so harsh, he informed her that Kali is also seen as a protector and mother, so any harshness is that of the necessary evil of life. The fact that this was an elaborate pick up line helped his case, as did the fact that he was drop dead handsome. After a month of him calling her it, the name stuck among the mercs she served with, and has followed her ever since.

    Her next posting took her into her current unit, in Sarajevo. Where Africa had been lawless, but stuck in a kind of limbo by all of the factions vying for power, Sarajevo was pure chaos. The company’s posting had been brutal, fighting other Corporate hired squads, not to mention a few of the Corps’ own special ops teams. In the end, the company held the line better than any other company before it, and had made significant enough strikes back to earn both the respect and ire of their counterparts. Unfortunately their employer was not so lucky. It became the subject of a very hostile takeover by Aztechnology. After all was done, anyone who knew the company’s contract was dead or in hiding. The new Aztech handlers immediately disarmed and withdrew the company, and deleted their corporate SINs and the accounts they had held. Kali had saved a small bit under her Cal Free SIN, tainted as it was, but soon found those funds gone as well. The team was rounded up at gunpoint and dropped on a very drafty transport airplane and taken to Seattle, where they were dropped with a Aztechnology issued cred stick with 500 credits and a suggestion that Aztech corporate property would be a bad place to die, seeing as their pictures were on a shoot to kill list if they were so much as seen.

    Thoughts of revenge were pushed aside by the bare needs of survival. Although she was packed with expensive gear of the cybernetic and biotech variety, she had very little to trade on. While some of the team split off to secure lodging, she went on an information gathering foray, and ended up gaining some of the team’s best contacts, although no one of any specific utility outside of their own neighborhood. Now, three months later, although she has no home of her own, she manages to stay in pretty nice places, company of whatever men she strings along. Still, it’s getting tiresome, and excuses for not having non-stop sex are growing thin. The jobs the team has had have been small potatoes, although her gear is finally getting to a good state. Just need one good job, and she can get a place.

    Personality: Despite being vindictive, Kali is very good at playing her part as the face of her team. She is a skilled negotiator, but needs help on the backend with funds and pricing. She is all business when on duty, unless she has been ticked off. She is friendly and nice, if a bit snarky and maternal at times.

Body: 6
Agility: 4 (6)
Reaction: 5 (5)
Strength: 4 (6)
Charisma: 4
Intuition: 4
Logic: 3
Willpower: 3

Edge: 2
Initiative: 10 (1 pass)
Essence: 2.175

Active Skills
*Athletics 2 (Climbing, Gymnastics, Running, Swimming)
Automatics 3
Blades 2
Computer 2
Dodge 4
*Influence 4 (Con, Etiquette, Leadership, Negotiation) (+2 from Tailored Pheromones)
Perception 3
Pilot Ground Craft 1
Unarmed Combat 2
*Stealth 3 (Disguise, Infiltration, Palming, Shadowing)
    *=Skill Group

Knowledge Skills
L: English N
L: Japanese 4
L: Yoruba 4
L: Samoan 4
K: Mercenary Hangouts 2
K: Military 2
K: Club Music 3
K: Mercenary Trade 2

Positive Qualities
Human-Looking 5 BP Can pass for human unless they look hard at her tusks, and thus tends to get neutral reactions from NPCs, unless they hate humans or those who try to be "human."

Negative Qualities
Bad Rep -5 BP "That chick is CRAZY! You heard of the death goddess Kali? Yeah, well, she's a bad bitch, end of the world type shit. Well this one guy started calling the crazy bitch that after they did it. Another guy made a lewd comment about it the next day, and she ripped his crotch out! Seriously, like a fracking castration in broad daylight with just her hand razors. Chick is mad dangerous, and damn unstable. I wouldn't trust her for anything but killing guys who tick her off!"
Poor Self Control (Vindicitive) -5 BP She is especially vengeful and goes out of her way to correct any slight against her or those she holds dear,
no matter how small. The retribution varies according to the slight. A simple insult might call for a coldly delivered threat or a punch in the face, while an injury almost always calls for the blood of the offending individual. Vindictive characters will carry grudges for a long time; cross them once and you are on their hit list forever. To resist the urge to pay back a slight, a successful Composure (2) Test is required.

Poor Self Control (Thrill Seeker) -5 BP She tends to jump into risky situations without considering possible consequences and dangers. When confronted with an obviously risky proposition or dangerous situation, the character must make a successful Composure (2) Test to avoid blindly jumping into the
thick of things.

SINner(Criminal) -10 BP Records on file in Cal-Free, and in Japan, and filed with the Corporate Court as well.
Records on File -10 BP Aztechnology possesses a relatively up-to-date record of the character’s SIN, biometrics, personal, and possibly medical data. This is the result of of them taking over her contract from their former employer. This provides Aztech agents with a +6 dice pool modifier to any tests to identify the character through SIN, biometrics, facial or biometric recognition, or medical data. It also provides a +2 dice pool bonus to Legwork attempts to track her down.

Datajack: Can be used to provide a direct neural connection to your Commlink.
Fiberoptic hair: The character’s original hair is replaced with artificial fiberoptic hair. Fiberoptic hair can possess any color the customer desires and even switch colors and cascade in patterns preprogrammed or controlled via the character’s PAN (ie. Jet black hair with sparkling stars, smoothly flowing rainbow colors, or a mane that changes color to match the character’s mood).
Fiberoptic hair can also be electrostatically manipulated to flow and swirl as if alive—but doing so stresses the otherwise resilient hair, so that it must be replaced after about 3 months. Fiberoptic hair is available in lengths between 0.6 cm and 1 meter. Individual strands are about double the width of normal hair.
Zeiss SenseSation Line:
  • Zeiss “Uhu-229” cybereyes (Rating 3) with eye light systems, eye recording unit, image link, low-light vision, vision enhancement (Rating 3), vision magnification, and smart link.
  • Audiotek “Emperor C” cyberears (Rating 2) with audio enhancement (Rating 2), damper, ear recording unit, select sound filter (Rating 3), sound link, and spatial recognizer
  • MetaType “Sensei” simrig
  • Nightengale “All-Sight” radar sensor (Rating 3): Displays a three-dimensional “map” that overlays (or replaces) the user’s visual senses, similar in some ways to ultrasound. The advantage to the radar sensor is that it can “see” through walls and other materials, which appear as translucent. This system is excellent for detecting motion (even as slight as breathing), calculating exact distances, and allowing the character to visualize floorplans, locations of people, and placement of materials like weapons. It is unaffected by visual tricks like camouflage and Invisibility spells. It is unable to ascertain colors, lighting, or other visual features.
    The radar sensor uses the same Visibility modifiers as ultrasound. It can penetrate its 15, cumulative, of barrier Structure ratings (see p. 157, SR4). For example, a Rating 3 radar sensor could “see through” three Structure rating 5 walls. It can be used to detect weapons and cyberware on a person in the same way as millimeter wave radar (p. 255, SR4). Radar sensor cyberware has an effective Signal rating of 2 for determining the sensor’s range. Radar sensors are vulnerable to jammers and jamming.

Hand Razors (Retractable) Hand razors are 2.5-centimeter, carbon fiber blades that replace the user’s fingernails or slide out from beneath synthetic nail replacements. Damage: (STR/2 + 2)P=5P (uses unarmed combat skill)

Muscle Augmentation 2 (+2 Strength)
Muscle Toner 2 (+2 Agility)
Tailored Pheromones 2 (+2 dice for social tests)
Orthoskin (+1 Ballistic and Impact Armor, cumulative with worn armor)
Smart insulation: Making use of the body’s own heat regulation mechanism that causes sweating, this enhancement uses the same feedback proteins to alter the size and density of air pockets in the deepest layer of the orthoskin to enhance or reduce the thermal insulation that the skin provides. The recipient is comfortable throughout a wide range of temperatures. She also counts as having climate control for the purpose of Survival Tests and reduces the penalty for weather conditions and inappropriate clothing by 2.
Sleep Regulator: The sleep regulator modifies the hypothalamus region of the brain, allowing for longer periods of wakefulness. The recipient requires less sleep per day and the sleep she gets tends to be deeper and more restful. The sleep regulator allows a character to get by with three hours of sleep each night and stay awake for 48 hours before modifiers start to take effect. Resting hours for healing purposes are not affected.

Colt M-23 Assault Rifle
  • Damage: 6P
  • AP: -1 (-5 with APDS)
  • Mode: SA/BF/FA
  • RC: 1(4)
  • Ammo: 40(c) Regular Ammo
  • Smartgun System (internal)
  • Gas-Vent 3
  • Personalized Grip
  • Stock
  • Sling Allows the user to hang the gun from her shoulder. This stabilizes the weapon when the user holds it out, making it less likely that she will drop it in combat or other situations.
  • Bayonet
  • Spare Clip of APDS (40 shots, normal damage, -4 AP)
  • Spare Clip of Regular Ammo (40 shots)
  • Spare Clip of Regular Ammo (40 shots)

Fabrique Nationale 5-7C Machine Pistol
  • Damage: 4P
  • Concealability: 2
  • AP: -
  • Mode: SA/BF
  • RC: 1(4)
  • Ammo: 20(c) Regular Ammo
  • Smartgun System (internal)
  • Gas-Vent 3
  • Personalized Grip
  • Spare Clip of Regular Ammo for FN 5-7C (20 shots)
  • Spare Clip of Gel Rounds for FN 5-7C (20 shots)
    • Damage: 6S (Stun)
    • AP Mod: +2
    • Armor Used : I
    • Reduces target's Body by 2 when checking for knockdown.

Ceramic Knife
Damage: (STR/2 + 1)P=4P

Damage: (STR/2 + 1)P=4P

Flash-Bang Grenades (5)
    Damage: 6S, –3 AP, 10m Blast Radius

Actioneer Business Clothes
--Also has a built in holster (+2 concealability for pistols).
(B: 5, I: 3)
Form-Fitting Body Armor Full-Body Suit
(B: 6, I: 2)
Globetrotter Line Camouflage Jacket: in black/grey urban camo
(B: 6, I: 5)
--Includes built-in relief from the sun, sweat, and small insects.
Globetrotter Line Fatigues: in black/grey urban camo
(B: 3, I: 0)
--Includes built-in relief from the sun, sweat, and small insects.
    Combined Armor in Fatigues: B: 10, I: 3
    Combined Armor in Fatigues and Jacket: B: 14, I: 8
    Combined Armor in Actioneer Suit: B: 12, I: 6

Model: Novatech Airware
Response: 3
Signal: 3
OS: Iris Orb
System: 3
Firewall: 3
Programs: Analyze 3, Matrix Browse 3, Command 3, Edit 3, Encrypt 3, Scan 3, Matrix Agents rtg 3 (Personality: ?), Virtual Surround Music, Wall Space, 2 Moderate Sim Recordings Moderate, 3 Economy Sim Recordings
Upgrades: AR Gloves, Subvocal Microphone, Satellite Link (includes a collapsible sat dish)

Worn: Contact Lenses with Thermographic Vision Enhancement, Subvocal Microphone
Smart Butt Pack (Smart pack systems report to the PAN how much they are carrying, allowing for precise knowledge at all times of how much the character is carrying)
-Smart Pouch System First Aid (attacked to Butt Pack: Contents: Medkit Rtg 4)
-Smart Pouch System Ration (attacked to Butt Pack)
-Smart Canteen (attacked to Butt Pack)
-Rappeling Gloves
-AR Gloves
-Survival Kit
-Standard Rope(400m)
-Armor not worn is stored in backpack.
-Satellite Dish is stored in backpack when not in use.
-Combat Vest and pouches attached to it are stored in backpack when not in use.
Combat Load Vest
-Smart Pouch System Ammunition Pouches (Pistol: holds three clips: 2 of regular ammo, one of APDS rounds)
-Smart Pouch System Ammunition Pouches (Assault Rifle: holds three clips: 2 of regular ammo, one of gel rounds)
-Autopicker Rtg 5
-Flash-Bang Grenades
-FN 5-7C Pistol (in shoulder holster)

Certified Credstick (Silver): 60 nuyen
Squatter Lifestyle (One Month)

"Be strong and do as you will. The swords of others will set you your limits." (Marauders of Gor, p.10)

After the lights go out on you/After your worthless life is through/I will remember how you scream
I can't afford to care/I can't afford to care ("Lights Out" Breaking Benjamin)
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Kali (Anna's Shadowrunner)
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